Bumpy Brains

Our Story

Working together in a memory lab, Laura and Emily created countless whiteboard drawings and musings of the brain. Their zany brainy antics inspired them to create Bumpy Brains, and soon they were sharing their artisitic inclinations with other brain enthusiasts all over the world. Not long after, Daniel joined the team to program brains (see Mind Control).

We hope you enjoy our geeky humor!

It all starts with research!

The People


  • ...has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Science
  • ...mainly researches recognition memory
  • ...is a signal detection theorist whose Gaussian comics are even too geeky for most geeks
  • ...draws when she needs a break from thinking about memory
  • ...is allergic to mouse poop but not rat poop


  • ...has an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience
  • ...is researching the neuroendocrinology involved in alcoholism
  • ...used to research memory with Laura, but fell off the Gaussian curve
  • ...doodled brainy cartoons during undergraduate lectures
  • ...likes to draw lab mice (Laura's allergic to their poop!)


  • ...has a Ph.D. in Psychology
  • ...spent a disproportionately large portion of his childhood programming computers
  • ...spent the rest of his childhood memorizing useless information, simply because he was curious about memory
  • ...has spent a disproportionately large portion of his adulthood programming computers
  • ...conducts research on memory, with a focus on skill acquisition and knowledge representations
  • ...has declined to comment on Laura's allergies
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